The traditional and old fashioned way to make flaxseed crushed grain has been so that the oil has been pressed first out, and sold separately, then the leftover husk has been sold as crushed grain. We have invented gentle roasting. This has many benefits: The roasting gives the product a real good nutty flavour, improves microbiological properties of the seeds, prevents delicate oxidation and lengthens the shelf life of the product.

We have had laboratory exams done to our product and we can proudly say that all the good stuff is left in the seed after the gentle roasting.We can also proudly say that our product has the highest omega-3 value in all of the flaxseed grain products in the market, as we are the only ones who can utilise the whole flaxseed as it is.
One tablespoon of our roasted organic flaxseeds contains twice as much omega-3 as normal fish oil pharmacy capsule!


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