How do flaxseed fibers affect bowel functions?

Flaxseed contains insoluble (2/3) and soluble (1/3) fibers. The insoluble fibers prevent constipation and have beneficial effects on bowel functions by increasing stool mass and improving its structure. The soluble fiber slows the gastric emptying and increases the feeling of satiety.

How does roasting affect the properties of Flaxseed?

Roasting emphasizes flaxseed with nutty flavor. In addition, it provides a crispy structure. Roasting also extends the shelf life of flaxseed and improves the microbialogical quality.

Are Valo24h products suitable for special diets?

Valo24h flaxseed is perfect for many special diets. Valo24h is completely gluten-free, making it ideal for a source of extra fiber in gluten-free diet. Flaxseed gives a better structure and a pleasant nutty taste to gluten-free pastries. In addition flaxseed is a perfect source of extra fiber in low-carb diets. Valo24h flaxseed products are, of course, very suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets too.

What should I take into account when baking with Valo24h products?

Crushed flaxseed absorbs a lot of water, so the amount of liquid must generally be greater in dough. When baking bread the flaxseed can be soaked in hot water (at least 30 minutes) before adding it to the dough. Linen mucus of  the flaxseed has a positive impact on the baking features of the dough. Flaxseed is ideal for bread dough as it improves the structure of the dough. This way the bread stays softer for a longer time.

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