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The manufacturer of Valo24h products is Linseed Oy, a long-standing food operator in Kauhajoki. The company was founded in 1999 and from the beginning it has been clear that the main raw material is flax. Flax as a plant thrives in Finland’s cold and barren growing environment. The Valo24h product line actually gets its name from the Finland’s summers nightless nights, when the plant gets light during night-time also, and that is why the flax product line is called: Valo24h.

Have you ever watched Finland on a summer night watching nature wake up in the morning? It’s a beautiful moment and this moment is packed for you as a Valo24h product in a bag!

Start your morning by sprinkling of Valo24h roasted grounded flaxseeds + berries on your morning porridge, yoghurt or smoothie! Feel energizised throughout the day!

The name of our special baking product is Lumina Seed Crispbread Mixture. You can make delicious crisp bread in just 30 minutes!

For companies

With the FlaxseedFields product line, we serve corporate customers. We sell flax to food business operators. More information about the FlaxseedFields product range is available on a separate company page:

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Oy Linseed Protein Finland Ltd
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